Creative Learning at Its Best: Art an Idea International Pre-School

Learning can be fun and creative too!

At Art an Idea international Pre-School , we strive to make education more interactive, engaging and fun. We take learning to a new level – where children are encouraged to explore their creativity, learn through art and create something beautiful.Our activities are designed to spark their imagination, hone their problem-solving skills, build self-confidence, explore their artistic talents and help them appreciate esthetics in life.


Developing Imagination and Creativity in Children

Our Art an Idea international Pre-School classes are designed to nurture their budding imagination, so that they can continue to grow and express themselves in a creative environment. Through our fun, engaging activities and classes for both kids and parents, we strive to provide a space for children to explore the world of art with no fear or hesitation.


Creative Activities and Experiments to Nurture Learning

We believe that play and discovery are the best ways to promote creative learning. Therefore, we make an effort to foster your child’s creative growth in a fun, innovative, and engaging way. With fun games and experiments, we concentrate on helping kids enhance their drawing, painting, and sculpture skills. This will help them feel more invested in their work.



Benefits of Art for Kids’ Development

Engaging in creative activities such as those offered at Art An Idea pre-school, has incredible benefits for your little ones.

1.     Creativity and self-expression

Art activities encourage children to explore their imagination, think independently, and express their thoughts and emotions through various art forms. This fosters creativity and helps children develop their unique identities.

2.     Cognitive Benefits

Art stimulates problem solving and critical thinking skills in children, allowing them to develop their own creative processes. It also encourages self-expression and can improve their ability to concentrate and focus.

3.     Social and Emotional Benefits

Children develop important social skills through art, gaining a better understanding of their own emotions as well as those of others. It allows them to interact with others more effectively, encouraging collaboration and self-confidence in the process.

4. Fine motor skills development

Art activities involve the use of small muscles in the hands and fingers, which promotes fine motor skills development. Activities like painting, drawing, cutting, and pasting help children refine their hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity, and control over tools

5.    Emotional and social development

Art enables children to explore and express their emotions, fostering self-awareness and emotional intelligence. It also promotes social interactions and cooperation as children engage in collaborative art projects, share materials, and communicate their ideas with others.


To conclude, Art an Idea International Preschool is  a safe, supportive and stimulating environment where they can foster relationships and develop life-long skills. We believe that the best way to learn is through exploration and discovery, and we aim to provide children with that opportunity.


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