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About Us

We constantly hear this phrase:

“Do educational institutions give kids the tools they need for healthy growth and development?”

Art an Idea International preschool is India's first art-based preschool. In collaboration with Kreedo, we have created cutting-edge educational tools that are enjoyable and kid-friendly, focusing on important areas of a child's development such as fine motor skills, sensory development, mathematics, language, culture, and science. The specialized learning materials were designed so that children can understand their capabilities rather than competing for success. Most importantly, we cultivate a welcoming, kind, and homely atmosphere.



“To provide an innovative, creative and holistic learning environment that nurtures the natural curiosity of young minds and instills a love for learning through art based education and experiences. We aim to foster intellectual, emotional, social and physical development of each child by integrating art into the core curriculum.“


“The purpose of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.”


When we paint or create an artwork, we always get a sense of excitement and contentment.

Have you ever wondered why?

A child’s emotional, mental, social, and physical development can benefit from art. They have a multisensory character and are good for a child’s cognitive and socioemotional development. Art gives children the flexibility to express themselves, and working with various media exposes the young learners to a variety of opportunities, difficulties, and possibilities, just like the saying goes, “Seeing comes before words.”

  1. The basic components of art and design,color, texture, pattern, form, proportion, line, contrast, and balance help young students learn about the world.
  2. An artwork takes preparation, experimentation, and execution, which are all aspects of decision-making that are essential for shaping one’s future.
  3. Art aids in the knowledge that there is no such thing as right or wrong, but more importantly, creative studies place a strong emphasis on how we think and how we view the world, which feeds our perpetual thirst for knowledge.
  4. A place where they can have fun, make mistakes, and fail before trying again. Instead of being terrified by the thought of passing an exam, we need to normalize and accept that making mistakes is normal and a necessary part of growing up so that we can emerge stronger. This not only promotes an open perspective in children but also guarantees the growth of their compassion and empathy.